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They say that art imitates life In everyday life there is hope,

empathy and beauty. We were born to tell stories.

The good stories, the beautiful, the remarkable ones.

The stories that make our time, our time.

We believe in shedding our light onto the darkest corners,

We believe in shedding our light onto the brightest minds.

This is a tale of long term relationships, 

where people get more connected to themselves and their artistic power.

About making our content nurturing, accessible and

engaging everywhere.

Slowcooked comes from an appreciation of the artistic process,

from facing every step of our work with excitement.

The right timing, the right ingredients put together and crafted to ensure relevant, entertaining and cost-efficient experiences.

We believe in authenticity and in beautifully crafted products.

We believe in innovation as a way to keep growing everyday.

Once upon a time the film industry had to reinvent itself and new story is the one we want to tell. Together.

Slowcooked is about doing things differently,

telling a different story.

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